the family that quizzes together…

this morning, the kids and i were on our way to church (jeannie’s on london with a friend), and liesl was making me take a ‘what kind of dater are you?’ quiz out of girls life magazine. it was a bit tough answering the questions, as i had to answer them from the perspective of a teenage girl. (btw, i came out 10% ‘keepin’ it casual’, 10% ‘date expectations’, and 80% ‘up for anything’, in case you were wondering.)

after about question #7, max, until then sitting quietly in the backseat, says (this is word-for-word):
i have a question for you…
your friend borrows your lip gloss without asking, and doesn’t return it. do you…
a. forgive her and forget about it?
b. make her buy it from you at the bargain price of $20? or,
c. push her down the stairs?

i asked max where he had heard that question. he said, “nowhere, i just made it up.”

he’s 8, mind you.

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