the glory of questions

question markI love questions! I mean, I like answers – they’re really nice and comforting. But questions – oh! – they do something to me. Questions make me think. Questions make me change. Questions make me ask more questions. In short: questions bring about spiritual growth in my life (and, I believe, in everyone’s lives) much more than answers ever can.

Sure, it’s nice to have confidence in some of our answers (like, knowing that the Bible is reliable, and that God is who He says He is). And that confidence it critical to my faith. But confidence doesn’t take me very far. Confidence, at least for me, can breed laziness and give birth to complacency. Questions, on the other hand, keep me on my toes and keep my faith a-buzz with newness and anticipation.

So here’s a question for you: is your youth ministry more focused on giving answers, or on teaching teenagers to wrestle honestly with questions?

3 thoughts on “the glory of questions”

  1. Henri Nouwen often challenged his readers to “Live in the question.” The journey of wrestling with our questions is often as, if not more, instructional than the answers themselves.

  2. This tension (being an answering teacher/youth worker vs. a questioning teacher/youth worker) is one I have come to value more and more over the years. Good challenging thoughts here, friend.

  3. Our discussions are always about honoring the questions, with great emphasis on ‘honoring’. While I can always point towards scripture for answers, to me wrestling with our inner angels is what the journey of faith is all about.

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