the greatest guitar solos of all time

whoa. beware: this – depending on your interest in these songs, artists and lemony-wicked guitar solos – is a major time sucker!

this site has compiled the 20 greatest guitar solos, along with links to video of all of them. plus, a bunch of additional honorable mentions.

bonus: there’s a list of the 50 greatest cartoons of all time, with links to clips.

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2 thoughts on “the greatest guitar solos of all time”

  1. Eh, an okay list, but some really bad selections and some really bad omissions. Slash’s best solo is “Paradise City” not “Novemember Rain.” How does Kurt Cobain get an honorable mention and Steve Vai doesn’t get a mention? “For the Love of God”? “Call it Sleep”?

    My honorable mentions? Mick Mars, “Home Sweet Home”. Mick always played for the song (and yes I am aware that Guitar Player mag rated this as an all time worst solo, but I’m also aware that rag is a bit elitist.)

    Gotta throw Nuno Bettencourt in there too. “Get the Funk Out” and “Decadence Dance.”

    Finally, the greatest band of all time, Lost And Found…Michaels solo on “Baby” from this.

    (Okay, maybe not, but Lost And Found is the greatest band ever.)

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