the higher power of lucky

higher power of lucky.jpgthe higher power of lucky, by susan patron.
i think i heard about this book in a ypulse publishing post about the best kids books of 2007, or something like that. not sure where else it would have been. it won major awards for children’s lit.

lucky is a 10 year-old orphan girl, living in a tiny california high desert down (population 43). her mom died a couple years ago, and she doesn’t know her dad at all; but he sends for his first wife in france, to come take care of lucky. her tiny little world is weighing heavily on lucky and her search for meaning, stability and belonging.

the “higher power” in the title comes from lucky’s part-time job of cleaning up after the various twelve-step groups that meet at a local “museum” (in quotes, because it’s an exageration). she listens in to everyone’s stories, and hears them all tell of finding their higher power, and assumes she is on a search for her own. at the end of the day, her search for a higher power is really a search for belonging.

a beautifully told story, full of wit and whimsy and insight, crazy characters and imagination, and full of that un-self-consciousness, innocence and wonder found in children. a wonderful little book.

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  1. Marko,

    I recently read this book with my daughter who is a tweener. We loved it.

    Some of the themes were a bit mature for her but we were able to navigate it with some conversation.

    Great book recommendation.

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