the ibible

community christian church (creators of the christian v. christ-follower parodies of the mac v. pc commercials) are at it again. this ad for the ibible was a bit annoying to me at points, but i also thought it had some funny bits. you decide.

(ht to debby)

5 thoughts on “the ibible”

  1. Uh huh… I know, its a parody. But I wish that if they were going to do something like that, that they would have used something sucky – like a Zune.

  2. Does it pour you coffee & serve donuts in your church basement? Does it help follicly challenged youth pastors grow a goatee? I guess that’s in the next version to be released in about five minutes!

  3. My favorite part was the scripture out of context “wives submit to you husbands” and the verses you don’t like “sell all you have a give it to the poor”. I also liked it talking about Bible Plunks. While some things were stupid in this, I thought the point of misuse of the Bible is totally important.

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