the jacuzzi tub calls to me

i’m in san luis obispo now, halfway between LA and San Fran, on the Cali coast. nice, sleepy little town, except they have about 30,000 residents plus 27,000 college students (from Cal Poly SLO). great sushi for dinner tonite with the host from tomorrow’s church for the CORE. and now i’m in my room at the comfort inn, where — smack dab in the bedroom (NOT in the bathroom) is a jacuzzi tub! it looks hilarious. i think i must have got the pimp suite. but it must not remain unused. so after i review my notes for the morning, i’ll be reclining amidst the bubbles and jets while watching my name is earl and the office. nice.

6 thoughts on “the jacuzzi tub calls to me”

  1. Marko, please snap a shot of that with your cell phone cam if you have one, that is a shot worth showing (just of the tub, not of you in it please!).

  2. It’s good to know what the life of a rock star is really like. You need to come up with on of those “star contracts” that requires certain things in your rooms. From now on, all Comfort Inn rooms require a hottub.

  3. haha.. now see I just was dying to leave a comment talking about the paradox of the comfort inn jacuzzi – and the contrasting appropriateness of comfort inn and pimp… but you already beat me to it –

    what’s even more hilarious is that i’m on the other side of the world and have NEVER been to a comfort inn – yet somehow that was immediately what I thought.

    Marko – you are well and truly living an american life. it’s a beautiful thing.

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