the miami heat golden oldies

if you have not smiled today, and want to, watch this.
if you have not smiled today, and don’t want to, continue on your grumpy way.

(ht to bethany)

5 thoughts on “the miami heat golden oldies”

  1. Y’all need to lighten up! I saw a bunch of folks who were comfortable with who they were, having fun. And along the way offering a nice piece of satire about the usual booty shaking nonsense seen at sports events.

  2. i think that was wonderful – good to see people willing to laugh at themselves and do it for the enjoyment of others.

    it’s what napoleon dynamite’s happy hands club hopes to be when it grows up!!

  3. personally it gave me hope…i now have an answer to people who ask the question: “what are you going to do when you grow up? when you are TOO old for Youth Ministry?”…hahaha miami heat golden oldies here i come….or not!

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