the most addictive and wonderful online game yet

my kids and i are hooked on linerider. i’ve been meaning to post it ever since i saw it over on david crowder’s blog, along with his video of an extremely sweet personal linerider session. but i’ve been waiting until i could construct the ultimate linerider path, shoot a vid of it, and post it. but i can wait no longer to share the joy that is linerider. and, instead of my own creations (my son and daughter have come up with some pretty cool ones too — we’re driving my wife insane with our obsession), i’ll post a couple from youtube. but, please, try it. it will make you very happy.

ooh, wait — i just found this site, which allows you to download linerider to your computer for free (and watch some amazing user videos, including the two i’m posting here)! oh, the world is a beautiful place!

12 thoughts on “the most addictive and wonderful online game yet”

  1. It looks like a lot of fun. I was going to pass it along to my teens until I saw the porn add at the bottom of the front page of the site.

  2. So is there a link that doesn’t have a porn deal at the bottom…not trying to be smart a$$ just curious ’cause I don’t want to open it with kids in the room

  3. some people have way too much time on their hands. LOL

    There’s a new version supposedly too – different lines you can use, different features.

  4. hadn’t notice the porn thing — i didn’t show on my screen because i hadn’t scrolled down. but it’s not on the download site.

  5. Oh Thanks Mark. Thanks a lot. Now my children are addicted, I’m caught and my wife (the schoolteacher) is putting the game on her computer at school. Who knows where this will end.

    Feeling proud of yourself?

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