the most fun i’ve had listening to a new album in a long time

parry gripp albumi’m really tired this morning. got back from pittsburgh last night. had to go to the dentist for a filling this morning (the left side of my face is still numb). but on the way into the office, i heard the DJ talk to a musician i’d not heard of — a guy named parry gripp. he used to be the front-man of the 90s group “the nerf-herders” (who i’d vaguely heard of). they wrote the theme song for buffy the vampire slayer.

Anyhow, I just downloaded his 51 SONG ALBUM, called “for those about to shop, we salute you” (it’s 51 songs, but a total of 35 minutes!). It’s a hilarious story: he got asked to write a jingle for a kids waffle product, and submitted 5 songs (none of which were chosen, but all of which are on the album). He decided to write a whole album of fake jingles for products (there are food sections, sports sections, cars, personal hygiene). i’ve always been a big of of They Might Be Giants — and this totally has that feel. but, rarely have i laughed out loud multiple times while listening to a new album.

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  1. Hey, I keep meaning to mention this … and I keep thinking of it when I’m away from my computer – um, until now. But anyway …

    My coolest moment at NYWC came after the general session where the Skit Guys did “The Chair.” One of the teens from my first youth group (as a paid youth pastor) was actually at the convention (my coolest surprise at the convention) with the group from Gordon College – he’s a youth ministry major. Anyway, after the session he came up to me and said something to the effect that it had never occured to him before to thank me for the part I got to play in his spiritual development. So he laid it all out and thanked me and went into how I had influenced him and how it tied into his life now (a whopping three years later). It was just a really sweet moment and I had to share it somewhere (I didn’t want to on my own blog ’cause he’d be embarrassed, and all my other teens would think I was fishing for more).

  2. Hear, hear!
    I have been the lucky beneficiary of this purchase via the office iTunes network, and have truthfully never had such fun!

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