the new ‘do

ok — time for the reveal.

i was tired of my long blonde hair, and was overdue for change. i loved the sound of the ponytail being cut off; and, since it was about 12 inches long, the salon is sending it to locks of love, where it will be used to make a wig for a kid with cancer (or some other reason for hair loss).

liesl (my 14 year old daughter) made me feel really good by telling me about 50 times how cool she thinks it is. jeannie likes it. max doesn’t, but admitted he never likes it when i change my hair, but usually gets used to it, then doesn’t want me to change it again.

i also decided it was time to shave off my goatee (at least most of it — i left a soul patch), as the grey in my beard was seriously contrasting with the black hair.

ok — proof that emo has gained a wide cultural acceptance, when a fat 44 year-old father of a teenager can get away with this…

marko new cut1.jpg

btw, for those whiners concerned that this gives me some kind of edge in the “are you a bigger loser than marko?” contest, let me tell you that i weighed myself just before and just after the cut, and it made no difference. unless you’re absalom, hair doesn’t weigh much.

35 thoughts on “the new ‘do”

  1. I just got back from a concert, thought I would swing by the blog and see what was new and I have to say…. looking good!

  2. That COULD be you, but it may be the first picture of you I’ve seen where you have not been smiling. Drastic (but very cool) change. I like it! You know, because you were craving my final approval, weren’t you? C’mon, admit it…. :)

  3. Dude, you’re my hero! You’ve got that Anthony Kiedis look going – losin all that weight, cool shades, it’s all good! Rock on my YS man!

  4. mdaele — wow, that took me some thinking to get! so, chris noxon, author of rejuvenile. you’re suggesting this is a rejuvenile haircut. very nice.

  5. R.I.P. long haired ponytail. We will certainly miss you. May I suggest you update your family picture? Love the blog marko… Keep up the hard work.

  6. Dude, Kelsey didn’t recognize you! I laughed so hard – she was like, “I know that person – who is that?” Funny!


  7. tip..(Iknow from experience), if you let it go…you’ll get the skunk-like streak running down your part..keep it black where it needs to be black. it should be O,K,
    good job on making a change..Youth ministry requires urget actions at times!

  8. ok, so i know you already had the glasses, did you really get the cut to match the specs?

    looking really great. max will love it soon, he’s only disagreeing with big sis ;o) and congrats on losing weight too. probably not much fun, but totally worth it.

  9. You know we love you any way, but WOW, our youngest kid looks 10 years younger. Great cut & great weight loss!!

  10. I’m so jealous — not that I want to do my own 45-year-old version of your emo/skunk thing, but that my baldness and limited ability to grow facial hair means I can’t play the “what will Jeff look like the next time I see him” game like I play with you. I started shaving my head in 2000, but there’s not much I can do unless I want to grow a “skullet” (the bald man’s mullet).

  11. My college age students have been after me for a year now to pierce my nose with one of those ever so teensy sparkles. I keep saying..I’m too old, I’m a mom, blah blah blah. And now you do this? What will I say to them now? They’ll say..look at Marco…

  12. I was ousted at one church for having long curly hair instead of short, straight and styled hair and for being the only adult with a nose piercing. I think it’s funny how so much of society puts hairstyles and body art in an age bracket.

    Karen, if you want it then you should get your nose pierced. Does your age really define what goals you’d like to achieve? How is a pierced nose any different than a pierced ear?

    Marko, your haircut also reminded me of “Chris Gaines” and it doesn’t help that you’re also sporting the same soul patch. You have his CD don’t you?

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