the new phone books are here!

so, i still think steve martin’s movie, ‘the jerk’, is one of the funniest movies ever made. jeannie and i still quote it all the time:

– there are CANS in there!
– i was born a poor black child
– i don’t need anything… except this ashtray

and, of course…

– the new phone books are here! i’m SOMEBODY now!

and that’s a little how i felt when i noticed i had a few incoming links today from the church relevance blog, and their annual survey of the top 100 church blogs (usually plus extras — this year, +41). i’ve actually found this list more than merely interesting this year, as i’ve referenced it several times in some of the consulting work i’m doing.

but this year, whyismarko actually made the list! woo-hoo! i didn’t quite make the 100, albiet; but thankfully, those extra 41 were included. and i came in at a very happy 104.

the much bigger news that my little blog making the list is that the list finally seems to be acknowledging the many excellent youth ministry blogs out there. last year’s list only had 2 (adam walker cleaveland and josh griffin). but this year’s list has 7 youth ministry blogs, including:
adam walker cleaveland (pomomusings), at #39
tim schmoyer (life in student ministry), at #88
youth specialties blog, at #89
mine, at #104
josh griffin (more than dodgeball), at #112
jonathan mckee (the source for youth ministry), at #127
and ian macdonald (youthblog), at #128

kent shaffer, of church relevance, uses a different set of metrix than adam mclane used when ranking the top 20 youth ministry blogs (and, while the youth specialties blog is run by adam, his personal blog should have easily made this top 140 church blogs list also). but i’m just happy to see 7 youth ministry blogs on the list.

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  1. Congrats. That’s quite cool. It was one of my objectives in doing the YS rankings to draw attention back to the voices of youth ministry… glad to see we went from 2 blogs to 7.

    I’ve never been able to figure out why Kent’s rankings aren’t weighted for influence. (Like we do with the YS rankings) You can’t tell me Don Miller’s blog isn’t a top 5 church blog.

    If you consider influence it’s probably Piper, Don Miller, Jon Acuff, Michael Hyatt, and Internet Monk. The next tier has got to be Perry Noble, Swerve, Resurgence… folks like that.

  2. Hey Mark-o,

    I am a bit surprised that you would endorse Adam Walker. He may be in youth min, but his publicly stated positions definitely do not line up with the Bible. From his about page:

    “LGBT Issues in the Church: For a variety of reasons, this is an issue that Adam finds himself continually to be pretty involved in. Adam is open and supportive of LGBT people in the church and hopes the church will one day be open to LGBT persons serving in all areas of the church, including ordained ministry.”

    This is outright heresy and a direct violation of all the requirements of Church officers, let alone life-styles tolerated for being in the body of Christ.

    On top of that, he associates himself with the PCUSA, a denomination known for its heretical positions for over 100 years (why the OPC split in the 1930s and the PCA split in the 1970s).

    Now I don’t know where you stand, but I find it hard to believe that you would endorse such beliefs, or that his blog would even be rated as relevant. Having this blog listed calls into question any other blogs on the list, quite honestly. It tells me that orthodoxy is not a qualification for relevance in a Church blog listing.

    I have not looked at any of the others, but the name of the blog caught my eye (pomo, specifically).

    Do you know this guy? What do you think of his positions? Do you embrace emergent theology? Just curious. Thanks.

  3. interesting, jonathan. well, first of all, i didn’t “endorse” anyone in that post — not in the least. the closest i came to any “endorsement” was saying that adam mclane (different adam) should have been on the list.

    but i do consider adam wc a friend. i don’t have to agree with someone on every point of theology to be their friend, value their blog, or even to suggest others read their blog. do you really only read blogs written by people you 100% agree with?

    as for the PCUSA, there are fantastic people and wonderful churches in the PCUSA. i wouldn’t write them off anymore than i’d write off any other denom, to be sure. you can disagree with theology and positions all you want, but dismissing an entire denomination and all the churches and people in it seems to be a sin against the bride of christ, imho.

  4. Jonathan, I appreciate your concerns as theology/doctrine definitely matter. However, it is hard to say that a position on issues of sexuality would deem one a heretic. This term has historically been reserved for those who are unorthodox on dogmatic issues, or those that are universally held by orthodox Christians concerning the most important doctrines. I do agree that this is an important issue…but I am not sure it would render someone “out” (I only use the term because this is the way most Christians talk about it).

    Also, I would echo Marko’s concerns that we not clump together all churches in a denomination. The PCUSA literally has thousands of churches and millions (yes, plural) of members. Sure there are unorthodox members, and perhaps churches teaching false doctrines, but this is true of Methodists, Baptists, etc.

    Congrats Marko! I enjoy reading your blog.

  5. Hmm, intriguing responses thus far.

    Mark-o – I generally do not have much free reading time, and most of my reading time is spent on large technical books to learn new products at work or studying for tests. For example, my latest Microsoft Exchange exam had me with 3x 1,100+ page books, one of which I read through 2x. I have a long list of authors that I like in the technical realm, so when it comes to free reading in theology, I tend to only read challenging things that will be edifying and sanctifying (aka, stuff I like). A blog such as is would not. In fact, I only get angrier that a man such as that who holds such perverse positions is an ordained minister of the Gospel.

    This also ties back into why the PCUSA should and can be “written off,” as it does not discipline its ministers who have departed from the Truth. Not only that, but as a denomination, it calls good what the Bible calls evil, and it calls evil what the Bible calls good. That is about as simple as it can get.

    Now, individual Churches and members might still believe an Orthodox position, but it is dangerous to their souls to remain in the PCUSA. If the PCUSA does not execute Church discipline for the gross and heinous sin of it’s ordained ministers, how can genuine Christians be confident that they themselves will undergo Church discipline if/when they commit sins requiring such action? The only rational response is to say that they willingly remain in a rather precarious position by remaining in that denomination. The PCUSA rejected the Gospel 100 years ago, or at least that is when the problems culminated. If they had not, we would only have Princeton Seminary and not Westminster Seminary in Philly.

    If you want more details on the theological history of the PCUSA, I highly recommend this book:

    Aaron – I think Paul would disagree with you. He censures the Corinthian Church for neglecting to excommunicate a member who committed sexual sin. See 1 Cor 5-6 on the importance of sexual purity of the Church. I place Adam in the category of heretic because the only way he can come to the conclusion he does about ordaining sodomites and lesbians (and frankly, sexual perversion of any persuasion, whether it be fornication or adultery) would be to reject the in-errancy of the Bible. Either the Bible is absolutely true in what it states about sexuality, purity, and Church leadership, or it means whatever we want it to mean to support whatever position we want it to support. He is clearly outside the bounds of the historic, orthodox position regarding what defines a Christian. And that’s only from spending 10 minutes on his blog! haha.

    And for the record, I have the same Biblically-founded criticisms toward any denomination, whether it be the UMs, ABCs, ECLAs, or anyone else.

    So what do you guys think about the Emergent Church and the accompanying doctrinal positions?

  6. I’m honored today for so many reasons…

    #1 for being featured as the #39 in the Top Church Blog…
    #2 for Marko mentioning (not endorsing, but mentioning) my blog in this post here…
    #3 for apparently being noteworthy enough to be the subject of the comments section here

    Thanks everyone for a good laugh – I needed it. Hope you all have a great day and keep working for the kingdom!

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