the new ys logo!

it’s about freakin’ time! seriously. our logo is almost old enough that it’s cool again. i half expect it to show up in old TV syndication re-runs.

we’ve needed a fresh look for a long time. we had some agreement and some disagreement about this over the years. and we had other fish to fry at points. and we just didn’t even think about it at other points.

but, about 6 months ago, i said to david welch (our marketing dude), “dave, we went through all that reinvention of who we are a few years ago, and then we got bought by zondervan, and they have a new logo, and we’re continuing to reinvent ourselves, and this sentence is getting really long and running on forever.” (or something like that.) i told him i thought the time was right to develop a new logo. david and a small team of logo bandits jumped right on it.

and here we are, a handful of months later, with a sweet new logo that i totally dig:


a few other things:

here’s a story about the process and why we did this.

here’s a bit of a visual history of ys logos through the years.

oh, and if you didn’t notice, we also took this opportunity to re-paint our entire website. dang, it’s such an improvement!

here’s the new sign in front of our building, surrounded by some of our staff (not everyone, but whoever was around at the moment). that’s steve, the shipping and facilities guy doing rabbit ears behind the heads of unsuspecting co-workers, mature dude that he is.


9 thoughts on “the new ys logo!”

  1. as one who appreciates the importance of good branding, that’s a dang cool logo. it’s versatile, looks good in small and large print, and is easily made black and white if necessary. nice work.

  2. i actually stopped by the website today (not my normal daily stops) and thought i landed at the wrong place. i like the new look.

  3. I think you should do a book shelf scavenger hunt… whomever can send in digital pics of books with the most “old school” logos wins a pair of eyeglasses that you no longer wear.

  4. To show how much attention I pay to logos (at least consciously), I actually had to go to your link to remember the last YD logo. On the other hand, the second YS logo rang a bell. My last youth ministry had a few books with that one on it. I like Tony’s idea – that would be hilarious.

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