30 thoughts on “the outrage! the injustice! the rumors! the unfairness!”

  1. that’s awesome. to bad you’ve set such a poor example for all of our teens by using performance enhancing herbs. :)

  2. I lose 40 pounds less than Marko and I still get a book? Woo Hoo! All hail the cleanse tablets! You guys are the best!

  3. haha. working at ys must be a scream. seriously. this is so great. and it makes perfect sense that you being the pres wouldn’t actually win. perfect story line. everyone loves controversy. i dind’t join the competition but would have loved to. i am down 40 in a little over 8 weeks though. it’s nice having less of me.

    good job marko.

  4. GREAT vid. And again, congratulations. I wish I would have stayed on course and taken you down! I wasn’t really bothered by my failure to do so until I logged into the Ning site today and saw that I came in 50th! I officially suck.

  5. Boo for assuming we all have high speed access. I have been trying to load the video for almost a 1/2 hour and am getting called names (and I am not kidding)by my mother because she needs the phone. Grrrr….

  6. Well well Marko is a diva. So I knew you had an unfair advantage. I was thinking trainer, but I was thrown for a loop on the ultra laxative. Man even in a no-paying contest, people have to cheat. I wonder who else did? I’m gonna contact Jose Canseco.

    The video is hilarious. I bet you guys had fun doing it.

  7. now that you have lost all of this weight, will you sponsor a bodybuilder contest labeled: the biggest stud? Maybe Arnold could be the poster child.

    i think we may need to put some well formed muscles on the new body? what do you think?

    As a skinny youth pastor i feel left out because i was not able to participate in the biggest loser contest. : )

  8. Marko, congratulations on the loss–the weight loss I mean. Really, it is obvious that you worked hard and disciplined yourself. Way to go. One reward is being healthier so you can do more with your family and be around longer for your wife and kids, and GRANDKIDS!!

  9. marko, you look great and as my football coach used to say if you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying!

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