the poinsettia bowl

the setting:

parking: $15
soft pretzel: $5
bottle of water: $4.50
small nachos: $4.75
crappy “italian” hotdog that gave me a stomach ache: $5.75
churro: $4
tickets to the pointsettia bowl in san diego: well, free (some connection through max’s boy scout pack)
taking my son to see his first live football game: not quite priceless, but really cool, even if i could give a rip about utah vs. navy.

observation: the person who plays cymbals in the marching band gets all the benefits of being in the marching band without actually having to learn to play a real instrument. “sorry, i can’t go out tonight, i have to practice my cymbals.”

5 thoughts on “the poinsettia bowl”

  1. It takes talent and skill to play the cymbols correctly….despite the fact that it looks merely like incoherent clanging.

  2. Curiously this is the ONLY bowl game I give a rip about (Navy brat). Looks like it was a great game (with a TERRIBLE end!) hope you and Max enjoyed it.

  3. As a memeber of the cymbalist civil rights action team we would like to inform you that playing cymbols is a very unique talent. Not just any battery operated monkey can do it…

  4. Anyboby who’s been in band (whose not a cymbal player) would agree with you. Somewhere I have a band bible full of marching band jokes. There was an entire chapter dedicated to the cymbal players. Let’s just say they never got to date the color guard captain.

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