the religious affiliation of super heroes

huh. i had no idea. and someone sure did a TON of work to compile this list of more super heroes (and other comic book characters) than i’ve ever heard of and their religious affiliation.

(ht to blair)

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  1. re. ‘ht to blair’, I think the correct terminology is ‘Yo Blair’ ! (tongue firmly in cheek) Keep going Marko, great job and good to see humility and contrition being modelled so openly on here. May God honour your generous heart.

  2. Sadly there was no sign of my particular favourite from when I was a kid, Roger Ramjet (and his American Eagles). I suspect he was a raving charismatic though!

  3. I’ve seen this list a dozen times, it’s awesome. A lot of the Marvel end of things stem from a series called “Infinity Crusade” where a bunch of the heroes’ affiliation had to be decided. I want to read it but can’t find it collected yet and the individual issues are to expensive from the dealers who have them…

  4. I should send in a correction for them. Multiple Man is listed as Buddist without having any of his duplicates listed as clergy of another faith, but as of X-factor #16 he has a dupe that is a protestant minister..

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