the story of stuff

been meaning to post this for a while, so many have, i’m sure, already seen this. but, the story of stuff is an absolutely stunning educational piece about consumption, resources, choices, and much more. we had our kids watch it also, and had good family discussion about it, and how it should impact our purchasing decisions. not super-short, but 1000% worth the time to watch it. lots of ministry use possibilities also.


7 thoughts on “the story of stuff”

  1. I used this 2 weeks ago during a 4-week series on faith/creation care/stewardship with a small group of high school kids.

    Broke up the length by pausing between each stage and asking for reactions.

    I echo Marko’s endorsement…a really great piece to get us all (including youth) thinking about the impact our choices have on the world around us (ecologically and relationally). I made a close connection to the 2nd great commandment: love your neighbor as yourself.

  2. I did a series on Creation/Environment/Stewardship awhile back and to me it was probably one of the most significant messages about what it means to be a Christian.

  3. Used this as part of our training for our upcoming missions trip, to get the students to think about the culture of consumerism that we get trapped in.

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