the ulimate water-balloon launcher

if you’re a youth worker, you know you want this water balloon launcher. i love the description, that says:

Want to shoot an object at 140 MPH over 500ft? Then this launcher is for you! This article will teach you how to build one of the cheapest, easiest, and most powerful water balloon launchers ever invented.

of course, you would have to change the name of the launcher, should you use it in your ministry. i cracked up at the mildly nerdy and defensive explanation of the name: The “Douchenator” was named for the sound it makes when fired, not for other definitions of the first part of the word…

2 thoughts on “the ulimate water-balloon launcher”

  1. The alternate name for the Douchenator is the “APOL”-Air Pressure Object Launcher. We made a fake commercial of it for a TV Production class and had to change the name for the commercial. By the way, I’m the author of the article.

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