the yaconelli tree

this is just like something yaconelli would have done.

in the late fall of 04, shortly after mike’s death, my parents and two sisters and bros-in-law gave me a very sweet gift: a tree, in mike’s honor. my parents were in town, and we went to a nursery and picked out a non-fruit-bearing plum tree. and, eventually, i got it planted in my backyard, just behind our gas firepit, where i like to sit with friends on a fairly regular basis. we call it “the yaconelli tree”. and it makes me smile.

well, the frickin’ thing pulled a yac on us: it has little plums on it. they’re tiny, about the size of a large marble; maybe an inch across. and they’re really sweet, but with a big-time tart skin. they’re silly, really — almost like the tree is playing a practical joke on us.

well, you get the picture (especially if you knew yac).

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