The Youth Cartel is giving away TWO iPads!

no joke. our friends at the youth culture report — partners of ours on The Summit — are helping us give away TWO ipads. for reals.

here’s how it works. click this link and follow the instructions to “join the cartel” (basically, this means you’re liking us on facebook and joining our email list). that’s it. do that — even if you’ve already liked our facebook page and are on our email list — and you get one entry for one of the ipads. and, if you use the supplied link (after signing up), posting it on your twitter or facebook page, and 5 of your friends use it, you get a 2nd entry.

that’s for the first ipad.

the 2nd ipad will be given away to a randomly selected person who’s registered for The Summit, during the week following the august 31 early-bird deadline. in other words, sign up for The Summit by the early bird date, and you’re automatically registered to win this 2nd ipad. in contest terms, your chances of winning this baby (assuming you’re registered for The Summit) are really high!

oh, and help us spread the word!

6 thoughts on “The Youth Cartel is giving away TWO iPads!”

  1. No love for your Canadian fans? I guess I can’t win… but I’ll still sign up for your emails :D

  2. i’d asked about that also, nathan, and was VERY sad to hear that contest rule legal stuff prevented us from including canadians. :(

  3. Hey no problem guys! I understand. I do like free stuff. But I love the work you all do! Keep it up!

  4. I live in Canada too, right on the border. We sometimes order parcels and have them shipped to a company across the bridge, and then pick it up (for a small fee, of course). They do this sort of thing.

    So, my question is, is it more about “residence” or “shipping costs” that prevents Canadians from entering? Because I’d love to enter, and could easily put their address in!

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