the ys christmas party turns outward this year

every year, our youth specialties staff christmas party is a highlight for us who work here. it’s seriously off the hook. there’s usually a theme and all sorts of total craziness. last year we had a christmas prom, complete with every cheesy stereotype of prom (from the decorations to the photographer to the dj to the crowning of a king and queen). a couple years ago we did a roaring 20s party complete with vegas-style gaming tables, using play money, which was later used to bid on gifts. we laugh our heads off and create memories that are talked about for years to come.

but this year we decided to do something different. we’re going to mexico to serve others.

this morning, our staff and their families will load into vans and drive to tijuana (only 30 minutes from us). spectrum ministries has set up the day for us. first, we’ll stop to buy food, then go to the city dump to serve a meal to people who live there. then we’ll spend the afternoon at a small orphanage (one that’s off the beaten path and doesn’t get many groups coming to visit). instead of a gift to our staff this year, we gave them money to buy a gift for one of the kids at the orphanage. the leaders of the orphanage actually compiled a “wish list” for us, so we were able to get gifts the kids are dreaming of (lots of baseball gloves and stuff like that!). we’ll play with the kids, and give the orphanage workers the afternoon off as we cook dinner and serve it.

then, we’ll head to an italian restaurant in tijuana for our own staff dinner. we have some silly competitions that will take place there, as well as a white elephant exchange (with some surprise gifts thrown in for good measure).

it should be a great, long, tiring, wonderful day together!

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  1. I would like to help at the orphanage financialy and possibly go there in the future. Could you tell me more about them and how to get funds there. Thanks, Barbara

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