“they say it’s your birthday… na-na-na-na-na-na-nuh-na”

some of you will get that post title, and some won’t. that’s fine.

however, today, i am 46. or, according to this site, i’m 8.25 in dog years.

it’s all fine and good and all that. but it’s funny what years strike you and which ones don’t.

30 was awesome for me. i was a junior high pastor, and didn’t feel like i had credibility with parents. somehow, turning 30 felt like it would help.

35 didn’t mean anything to me.

for some reason, 37 was a tough one. i remember thinking that there was no stretch of the imagination that i was, in any way, still a “young adult” (which was surely true long before 37; but it was only then that i realized it).

40 was fine with me.

45 was even fine with me, last year.

but 46 is weird. and it’s stupid — all subjective psychological perspective stuff. but it was only a few weeks ago that it struck me for the first time: i’m four years away from 50. which means i’m barely holding on to middle age even. i’m truly almost old.

none of this is all that big of a deal to me, really. but i do find it funny that i was totally fine with turning 45, and not quite so jazzed about turning 46.

that said, my love language is gifts all the way, so birthdays are always good.

9 thoughts on ““they say it’s your birthday… na-na-na-na-na-na-nuh-na””

  1. I always feel my age when we promote students into middle school. As I look over the roster, I notice their ages and I think about all the things I was already doing on the day these kids were born!

    Hope you have a great birthday, dude! Thanks for your ministry.

  2. Well, if 40 is the new 30, then 50 must be the new 40 (which means you’re still in the middle of the new 30’s). I think you’re going to be around tormenting MS kids for a long time to come!

    But I’m glad that it’s not “my birthday too”. This next one is the “new” 30, which means that I guess I have to give up my young adulthood.

  3. Just think AARP is going to go bankrupt in 4 years with all your traveling…

    Happy Birthday!!! What address does the gift get sent to?

  4. Not sure I agree that someone who is 37 cannot by any means be considered a young adult. I have friends around that age that do seem quite young to me. But of course it is all relative. And very subjective. Anyway – Happy Birthday! I have been enjoying your blog for a couple of years now.

  5. Hang out with 70 year olds. Just last sunday in the church parking lot a cheerful (and robust) 70+ gentleman greated me with a huge grin, and strong hug, and a hearty “Young lady! You go have yourself a great time of worship!” I’m 38 & he made my day! :D

  6. 32 was hard for me because it marked 15 years out of high school. I don’t know why but that one freaked me out. I suddenly found myself being mildly depressed.

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