things i learned yesterday

1. at halo 2, john is better than me in slayer and i am better than him in king of the hill.
2. playing halo 2 on a big sheet more than once while camping constitutes said halo 2 monopolizing the camping trip, and does not please one’s wife.
3. the “hike” out to the falls at julia pfeiffer burns state park is beautiful, and just as important, the most absurdly simple and easy walk of my life. that was my kind of hike. it was about as much effort as walking to the refrigerator.
4. the tri-tip from costco makes me very, very gassy.
5. when one’s daughter accidentally leaves chunks of tri-tip in the rented minivan, (a) said minivan reeks the next morning, and (b) one is glad it was the rented vehicle, and not one’s own.
6. a game of texas hold-em can go on for hours if players insist on giving each other chips when that other player is about to go out.

it was a day of great learning.

10 thoughts on “things i learned yesterday”

  1. Another game to add to your addiction..

    Links 2004…can play best ball, match, stableford it’s Live Enabled.

    Love halo though…even if it’s gas infected…

  2. Hey magic glasses, How are you?
    Maybe you rememeber me for the “Magic glasses” in Guatemala, in the last Convention. A friend pastor in California reffered me about pastor Ryan Bolger´s blog and then I found your blog. I tell you, it is really good. I am a new blogger, so I like to read good blogs to expand my vision and to learn more. Keep going Mark, your life and ministry is a great influnce to many youth leaders in the whole world.

  3. halo at NYWC? I am all kinds of in on that…

    “marko said we could!” will now be the chant heard all through out the convention hotel…

  4. Try a dish of vinegar in the closed-up car at least overnight before your give it back. Car dealers use this one to lessen the effects of cigarette smoke, and I’ve used it after barfy kids, so it should take care of reeking beef.


  5. coincidentally, dana, my daughter barfed in the car today – thirty minutes into our seven hour drive.

    got vinegar?

  6. Good luck trying to get the barf smell out of the car. When I visited relatives back east a couple years ago, I ate plane food on the way there, I ruined a brand new car. They tried cleaning it, professionals tried cleaning it, it stunk until the day they sold it, who knows what the dealership did with it.

    Love your idea of camping…I must go camping with the wrong crowd. We play charades, tell ghost stories, eat S’Mores, and stay up half the night, and have leftover chili from the night before for breakfast. Sounds like you are having a blast!

  7. Marko,

    You have the life as you are camping big pimpin style I am working in the Ghetto of Houston getting ready for school to start up on Monday. I only had two weeks off this summer and decided to just stay in Texas. I spent a lot of time in Austin which is always a blast…I am not much of a Halo person but I can school you in some Grand Theft Auto….Peace – Sam

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