things i’m thankful for today

was doing a little ignatian prayer of examin this afternoon and was thinking about how fun it is to travel with friends like david and jay, and how much more fun it is to stay in a mini-suite together like this than to have three seperate rooms. and i started thinking about other things i’m thankful for today:
– i’m thankful for an amazing wife who clearly l0ves me.
– i’m thankful for two kids that i really enjoy, who are fun to be with, and consistenty make me smile.
– i’m thankful for the opportunity to work at ys. this regularly blows me away. i can hardly believe that god would grace me with this.
– i’m thankful for the impact of our conventions. i know this week will be a freakshow in so many ways, and i know the crowds might frustrate some. but i also know that god will meet youth workers in powerful ways and bring comfort, encouragement, grace and peace.
– i’m thankful to work with so many amazing people at ys, who i can truly call friends. i’ve usually had a few friends wherever i’ve worked; but it’s something very “other” to work with dozens of people i consider friends.
– i’m thankful for my friends at zondervan (they’re on my mind today, since i’m here in grand rapids). nice to have partners i actually LIKE to hang out with.
– i’m thankful for a god who actually enjoys meeting with me, speaking to me and quieting me with his love.

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  1. observation: every thing in the list was relational in nature. pretty cool. I look at your job sometimes and think how much fun the travel, perks, etc. might be, but it seems you have the right focus…relationships. sweet.

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