this is 6th grade guys, yet again

actual, word-for-word string of comments from my 6th grade guys small group this past wednesday night:

me: …so potipher’s wife…

“oh! i’ve heard this! isn’t she the one that said joseph raped her?”

me: yeah, that’s right. she wanted joseph to have sex with her…

“we’re starting sex ed next week in school!”

“we did it in our class a few weeks ago”

“you did it in sex ed?”

“that must be a new teaching method!”

“ha! no, i don’t think our teachers have a license to do that!”

(joking hyper kid gets serious): “you need a license to have sex?”

me: yeah


me: you have to apply for one down at the dmv.


me: no. back to potipher’s wife…

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