thursday fire update

i’m in galway, ireland, this morning, driving around with my dad. we’ll get to the cliffs of moher today, and the rock of cashel. not sure where we’ll end up tonite.

back home, my family never got evacuated, which is great. my kids are out of school for the rest of the week, but we’ve re-opened the YS office (shoot, we have another convention next week!).

here’s a summary of info my friend brian pulled together on his blog (brian lives about a mile from me):

Here’s the latest info I can find on the California wildfire overall statistics:
– Acreage: 431,377
– Homes Destroyed: At least 1,447, according to individual county reports.
– Evacuation: Over 1 million people have been evacuated.
– Damage: Over 1 billion dollars in damages
– Deaths: One fire death, five fire-related deaths.
– Injuries: 30 to civilians, 39 to firefighters.
– At least 12 major fires still burning

Here’s the latest on the Harris Fire- the one that is still burning in some places, with the active part about 5-ish miles from my house:
– About 73,000 acres north of the border town of Tecate.
– 10 percent contained- Containment expected Oct. 31.
– 200 homes destroyed, 2,000 homes and 500 commercial properties threatened.
– One civilian killed, 25 injured civilians and seven injured firefighters.

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  1. My computer desktop is a photo my wife took during our visit to the Rock of Cashel. It’s one of the most beautiful spots I know.

    Glad your family is safe.

  2. Marko – its probably too late, but there is a GREAT little town right outside the cliffs called Doolin… they’re known for 3 great pubs and are a hub for traveling musicians. One of the best nights I’ve ever had was spent there!

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