thursday randomness

death cab for cutie has a new album — plans — and i have listened to it non-stop all day. it is the aural equivilent of rolling in daises on a crisp spring day while wearing brand new keds just after someone told you that you must be losing weight. there are about five thousands new cds i want to download on itunes right now, but jeannie and i are on a bit of a spending freeze.

it has been a very good, but very intense week. we’ve had two different house guests since sunday night (one i forgot was coming, which really scored points with my wife!), and a third one last night (our kids had to sleep on the floor in our bedroom!). we’ve had lots of long and intense meetings, which have been great. but i’m tired and fried. tic came into my office this afternoon and was trying to explain something to me, and i kept noticing that my eyes were crossing!

i stayed up too late one night going to see forty year-old virgin with my two house guests. laughed my head off. then, today, after a long meeting, me and another guy cut out to go see transporter 2. it’s always restful for my brain to watch ridiculously impossible car stunts.

i had one of the best petit filet mignons of my life last night at a new restaurant in san diego called island prime. i ordered it with wild mushroom butter on it.

8 thoughts on “thursday randomness”

  1. Plans is great…I’ve listened to it countless times since the day it was released. Your description is just about right, although I don’t think I’ve ever owned a brand new pair of keds.

  2. I don’t know much about death cab. I’ve heard a lot of people talk about them. Why do you like them?
    I tried to check out some info on their site. Are some of these guys in another band?

  3. I saw 40 year old virgin. Being single and in my 30s, it was at one time funny, and on the other hand I kept wondering, do people see me like that…anyway?

  4. I’m at work bored as hell and I have 1/2 hour to kill. Yvonne often mentions your BLOG so i decide to check it out. yuk, yuk, yuk !! Now i understand why Nicole likes you so much !!

  5. How nice that you had filet mignon. On Friday I had some kraft mac and cheese at an old restaurant in Orange (what a dive!) with a side or Ritz crackers and a bag of microwave popcorn. Sarah’s out of town, Molly was babysitting, John and West went to the BMX track to race. Isn’t that nice and mundane? How do I get your life????

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