tic took starfield literally last night

last night, our ys staff who were in atlanta had a post-convention celebration dinner at jeanne and jarrett stevens’ house. great time together. but there was one moment, when most of us were gathered on the back patio, in small clusters of conversation, when tic long (pres of events for ys) backed up to a tea light sitting on a railing, and caught his shirt on fire. i heard someone say, “tic, your shirt’s on fire.” it was on his back, so i couldn’t see it. he must have assumed it was no big deal, because his reaction was really slow, and he started to slowly unbutton it to take it off. everyone started yelling at him, as the flames spread across the entire back of the shirt (seriously, had it been me, instead of my bald friend, my hair would have been in flames). michelle fockler was yelling, “tic! drop and roll! drop and roll!” at, literally, the last second or two before it became a substantially bigger issue (and by this time, the entire back of the shirt was on fire), he ripped it off and threw it into the lawn area below us.

starfield has lyrics that say, “i’m a fire, i’m a flood, i’m a revolution….” tic just took it literally.

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  1. I’m glad He’s okay. By the way, I was in Atlanta for the NYWC. I absolutely had a great time there. This was my first time and I definitely will be back again. Ya’ll did a great job putting it together.

  2. connor — steve fee leads worship at 722, and jarrett is the teaching pastor, but yes, that jarrett. jarrett’s wife jeanne is on staff at ys.

  3. i am new to conferences and belong to connection church. paster is tony myles. i really want to thank you for the part you played at the convention.

    ps. i am new to blogging. check it out if you want. tony talked me into it.



  4. Maybe Tic was listening to Starfield and David Crowder who also sang, “cause you set me on fire, and I’m burning alive.” Or did Switchfoot play who sings, “I’m on fire when you’re near me.”

  5. Plesae tell me that ya’ll got some of that on video…… If not i think that you should work something up for the website.

    Too funny.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    Chris Saulnier

  6. no video, unfortunately. we were all in real panic for tic while the flames were creeping up his back. it only became funny as soon as it was over!

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