tithe rap

man, there’s so much of me (the cynical, judgmental bits) that wants to trash the heavy-handedness and cheesy-ness of this baby; but their self-mocking “new kids” and “hammertime” dance interludes, i must say, won me over to a genuine smile.

(ht to heidi turner, via fb)

5 thoughts on “tithe rap”

  1. As one who doesn’t like rap music in general, this was a great laugh at so many levels. Thank you for a humorous break in the day.

  2. Love rap
    Hate it when the church/YP’s use it pathetically
    I’m with you marko – cynically torn, smiling at the end, wondering where in the world this is and amazed at how much the congregation was getting into it.

  3. That a great representation of so much that is wrong with the church. But, yeah, it is kinda funny.

  4. Wow, so much I don’t like…
    – tying God’s blessing to our giving.
    – Seeing tithing as obligatory instead of as an act of worship
    – a neglect for the NT example of cheerful giving vs. OT obligatory tithe.
    – etc.
    My cynical side is coming out… I wonder how much of this was motivated by a bad month’s giving… coupled with how much money was wasted on the “100” and “10” rings…

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