tomorrow is consecutive numbers day!

yes, that’s right — tomorrow, 4/5/06, at 2 minutes and three seconds after 1pm (1:02:03), you’ll likely experience a small shudder. it’s a moment in time that would make mathematicians quiver and weirdos the world ’round look for meaning. i guess we’ll have one of these each year through the year 2012 — lots of excuses to party!

article about it here.

(ht to dave barry)

8 thoughts on “tomorrow is consecutive numbers day!”

  1. But be advised that some people might not fully appreciate Consecutive Numbers Day.

    i am in this category. especially since this will be happening (or has happened already) 24 or so times around the world. any news yet on that?

    also, it should be noted to be acurate, that those of us who live in parts of the country that observe daylight time who wish to be part of something groundbreaking will need to stay up until 02:02:03 to properly observe the numbers line up.

  2. dude – you don’t have to “stay up” — those times exist in the afternoon also! (unless that’s during your siesta).

  3. I have a great idea for a devotion series. I have great kids, and we go to church regularily and youth group, but I realize I have not done a lot of Sunday School over the years and my kids (now teenagers, do not know the regular sunday school stories that they should. They don’t have the foundation. I do regular devotions most nights, but I tend to do topical things. I think it would be real valuable to review the traditional foundation stories that they may have missed.

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