top 10 up-and-coming teen websites

according to renegade, as found on ypulse, this is a list of the top 10 up-and-coming website for teenagers. no info on how the list was chosen other than the comment that they were “10 up-and-coming websites that reflect the teenage mindset and interests.” good insight from anastasia (of ypulse) that teens want “sites where [they] can express their identities through personalization and customization (avatars, profiles, buddy icons), teens’ enduring love of quizzes, flirting, sharing photographs and creating their own music and art.”











10 thoughts on “top 10 up-and-coming teen websites”

  1. the founder of whateverlife is a seventeen year old young lady. She started the site when she was 14, today, she has left school and is a millionaire.

  2. Hi mark the whatever life website tries to download malicious script onto your comp so beware out their folks

  3. It kind of seems like a “duh” statement to me but…I know these sites will do well, but truly, is there going to be a site that tops Myspace and Youtube? It seems like the constant need to be connected is the main item driving teens to the internet…the second being the ability to temporarily escape the world in which they live…hello Halo 3…but this is a random statement made from just what I’ve observed and is totally open to discussion…or not…

  4. is pretty big here in my patch of the global village too, (West London). deviant art (while very impressed by the standard of the artwork), seems to have a very blurry line when it comes to what what would be deemed ‘suitable for viewing’.

  5. larry, promoting? who said anything about promoting? i’m making youth workers and parents aware of 10 websites a leader in teenagers and technology says will be highly popular with teenagers, so that youth workers and teenagers are knowledgeable about these things, should their students start talking about them. that’s not promoting.

    dean, i think some of the stuff on these sites makes them sites i wouldn’t want my own daughter spending time on (some of them are totally fine, of course).

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