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in case you missed it on The Youth Cartel blog, my partner in crime adam mclane has once again crunched the numbers and produced his annual list of the top youth ministry blogs (this year going to 25).

since people often ask how the list was formed, let me have adam speak for himself:

How is the list created?
The list is based on a composite score of 66% publicly available statistics, such as Alexa and Google Page Rank, and 33% an influence rank voted based on a vote by the previous year’s top bloggers. The first step is to research the publicly available statistics for the 150+ blogs on the index. Next, I rank the statistical strength of each blog. Then, I ask those currently on the list to rate each of the Top 50 blogs for influence. Finally, the human ranking is added in with the statistical rankings to create the composite ranking published here.

whyismarko dropped a position this year, due to doug fields entering the world of blogging (good on ya’, doug). but i’m thrilled to still be at #3, and am glad to see adam at #4 and the still-new Youth Cartel blog come in at #14.

other observations:

  • like many of you, i wish there were more female bloggers on the list. there are 3 (since the FYI blog is 1/2 kara powell), including newcomer rachel blom. but i wish there were more.
  • i wish there were more non-evangelicals on the list. heck, i’m an evangelical — but i would prefer more diversity, as i like to be stretched by thinking that’s not always similar to my own.
  • i’m thrilled to see SEVEN blogs make the list that weren’t on it last year! that’s fantastic.
  • there are a handful of blogs that i so strongly wish had made the cut. i have to believe it’s just because not enough people know about them. some of those (off the top of my head) include: brian berry, paul martin, joel mayward, rj grunewald, brooklyn lindsey, youthHOPE, and scott milller (all excellent youth ministry blogs that i follow).

ok, enough of that. here’s the 2012 list of the top 25 youth ministry blogs:

2012 Rank Name URL 2011 Rank
1 Josh Griffin 1
2 Doug Fields 7
3 Mark Oestreicher 2
4 Adam McLane 4
5 Jonathan McKee 10
6 Tim Schmoyer 3
7 Fuller Youth Institute 8
8 Adam Walker Cleaveland 6
9 Kurt Johnston 19
10 Youth Specialties 5
11 Brian Kirk, Jacob Thorne 13
12 youthministry360 NR
13 Jeremy Zach 9
14 Greg Stier 16
14 The Youth Cartel NR
16 Ian MacDonald 12
17 Walt Mueller 18
18 Youth Leader Stash NR
19 Chuck Bomar NR
20 Rachel Blom NR
21 Mike King 17
21 Jake Bouma NR
23 Kenda Creasy Dean 20
24 Matt McGill NR
25 Terrace Crawford 19



9 thoughts on “top 25 youth ministry blogs”

  1. This system is too much like the BCS. I think we should determine the top blogs by playoff. ;)

  2. @chris – I’m all ears if you think I should be tracking other blogs. You know I’d love nothing more than the list to better represent the YM tribe… but I also can’t manipulate the data.

  3. Gents, how about instead of manipulating the data, we just make a decision to change the game?

    Disruptive innovation.

  4. I like it, Chris. There is plenty of room in this space for innovation.

    Not 100% related to your comment, but in my mind it it. Over the past 4 years that I’ve done the list and the last 3 years that I’ve published it… the overall quality of YM blogs has gone way up. While the numerics has ramped up marginally (with the exception of the top 5, which are growing 10-20% per year) the content is better, the blogs are built better, they look more professional, etc. So by that measurement, the game has been changed.

    The blog space is definitely open and receptive to new voices. As you might know, one main objective of is to find those whom are innovating on the front lines, make them the stars, celebrate, and champion them. There really is some very innovative, disruption stuff happening… I’d love to figure out more and more ways to help.

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