trying… to… resist… twitter

the gravitational pull of twitter is getting to me today. for months now (since last year, actually), i’ve wanted to join the goon-squads of twitterphiles. it fits well with how i use my phone, interact with life, and like to share my life.

i have resisted for two reasons:

1. i think i would obsess about it, and turn my every moment into a twitter feed. i fear i would constantly be turning every family moment into a twitter-moment. and whether i would or not, i fear i would think about it, having to decide whether or not to follow through on that compulsion.

2. i fear that, should i even slightly begin to turn my home life into a twitter feed, my wife would be seriously ticked. she’s already not-so-pleased about my blackberry and blogging (blogging ok, but blogging from blackberry, not).

today, i was talking about it with our online marketing diva. of course, she wants me to. but she was gracious and said something about me not doing it. and then, i don’t want to be one of those “oh, now everyone is twittering, so of course marko will do it also” guys.

argh. i feel my resolve weakening.

33 thoughts on “trying… to… resist… twitter”

  1. It is addictive … just set a limit. Four tweets a day. Do it when you’re on the toilet. Your wife won’t know about it, and none of us will realize you’re on the can.

  2. did you write this blog post from your blackberry?

    if the answer is yes… no Twitter for you.
    if the answer is no… go right ahead, you’ve obviously got your life under control!



    good luck.

  3. marko i feel your pain. i think i am going to break. twitter is the thorn in my flesh. oh help me God!!
    i just want to be connected!

  4. don’t do it marko. I’ll hold out with you. Twitter will die the way of the 8 track soon- or maybe I will. But either way, I’m not telling people I’m going shopping or that I just blew my nose as if someone really cared. Even worse… somehow people do care. go figure.

  5. People are so friendly on Twitter! Think of it as looking into the lives of today’s youth… it seems like it would almost be a job requirement :)


  6. @andrewseely says @marko should definately do the twitter thing, give in to the dark side, pull a @dougfields and do it for a month…

  7. Be careful. It really is as addictive as everyone says it is.

    @Matthew McNutt… now I know too much as I read your tweets! TMI

  8. I think the subtle message all of this sends to the people in the room is that they aren’t nearly as important as the people “outside the room” – it’s a way of withdrawing from “being present” and taking control of social situations. Almost like a contest “keep my interest or I have better things I could be doing…”

    Resistance is NOT futile!

  9. Take it, I’m suprisingly unaddicted. Twitterific runs in the background on my mac and I’ll notice it when new stuff comes up / write when something interesting happens, but it doesn’t require any real thought diversion, unlike e-mail or websites or whatever. I suppose I grew up texting, but still.

  10. I agree that it can be addicting, but have noticed that you update your facebook status in a twitter-esque way already… so why not take the plunge.


  11. Join Twitter….you can always cancel and delete if you get too addicted, just give it a try

  12. here’s the deal on twitter: I signed on to help doug fields beat andy in a SYM contest, and after I got on twitter, I found it a waste of time. If you have a facebook, it’s like updating your status, except that it’s something you feel the need to do often. It’s kind of a waste. I’m not crazy about it.

    plus, I feel the need to take a shower every time I say that I just twittered.

  13. If you are already regularly updating your facebook status… then why not twitter. My twitter feed (@cruciformity) updates my facebook for me, but itstead of just connecting with facebook people, I connect with others who are either not on facebook or who I want to reach in more “real time”.

    Just a thought.

  14. Yeah, I’m the same as Chris; I have my twitter updating my facebook, myspace, and blog … and maybe some other places, too. I forget. Basically I signed on to help Andy beat Doug Fields in that whole bet thing and now I have fun with it. It actually saves time, though, since I don’t have to update any of those sites one at a time anymore – just one tweet and they all have my status!

  15. it’s not addicting. I can stop anytime I want. oh wait, @mclanea just tweeted something. going to check. okay. done. what was i saying? it’s not addict-…oh another update…

  16. Boundaries with twittering; boundaries … I don’t know some of those guys do it! they must have no lives and live online!!

  17. Marko, I joined Twitter to help Andy win his bet with Doug Fields and now kind of enjoy it. You just have to set limits.

    Mike …

  18. no, seriously dude, I wasn’t being gracious. don’t do it for all our sakes! TMI comes to mind.

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