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holy cow — i knew there were apps for twitter besides the twitterberry i use for my blackberry (i’m already tired of people who use the geographical location tweets — “i’m at 5234 Dorkstead Dr, Utica, MI” — who gives a flip what your current address is?). but i didn’t know there were that many apps.

this post gives a great summary of the explosion of twitter, and a rather comprehensive list of 3rd party twitter apps. really cool.

(ht to bob c for the link)

btw, i’m about two weeks into twitter now. and friday morning, i passed the 100 tweet mark. i’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. trying to moderate how often i tweet, and not be one of those “now i’m walking to the bathroom”, “now i’m walking out of the bathroom” people. (i also find the “i’m up” tweets in the morning, and the “good night” tweets at night a bit… well… sad.) all that said, i’m enjoying it so far, and it’s weird how i feel connected to people i follow.

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