two more fun reads

jon stewart.jpgi read a couple more books recently that don’t warrant full reviews; but i’ll compile the two of ’em quickly here:

naked pictures of famous people, by jon stewart.

the title of this book (being posted here) will probably create a problem for some of your filters. sorry. it’s just a funny title, with nothing to do with the contents (which is why it’s funny). it’s a witty book — intelligent-funny. a collection of essays and short humorous bits. totally random. reminded me of steve martin’s cruel shoes (which was an amazing little collection of witty stuff also).

the green lantern archives, volume 1green lantern.jpg

i bought all six volumes of this series (no, i’ve never been accused of overkill, why?) when i took a silly online test and found that the green lantern was the superhero i am most like. since i hadn’t actually heard of him, and since a few ysmarko readers at that point said that he rocked… well… i bought a bunch of expensive collector comics.

max is loving reading them also, so that’s a benefit.

actually, it’s a kick to read. written in the late 50s, during what’s considered “the silver age” of comics, the green lantern is an interesting dude. he doesn’t actually have any super powers in and of himself (other than that he is fearless and honest and has a strong will — but he had those before he became a superhero). his powers are bestowed on him by some kind of interplanetary goodness collective, and are totally resident in a ring he has to wear (and has to charge up every 24 hours). these “limits” are, in my reading, what make him interesting. he’s one of us, but has a gift. and his gift is only as strong as his will power.

One thought on “two more fun reads”

  1. Green Lantern was a childhood fave of mine. I can’t ever put a ring on my right hand without thinking of him and the lantern.

    He has a gift and his gift is only as strong as his will power.

    Sounds familiar, no?

    Ah the theology of comics.

    Hope you and Max really enjoy them together.


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