two movie day

i just love them movies. can’t get enough of ’em. the marquee at the theater (16 screens) had 15 movies i want to see — only one i didn’t.

took my kids to see a matinee of tim burton’s corpse bride. visually stunning, and surprisingly sweet. the title still makes it sound like tim burton himself is married to a corpse bride, if you ask me. his wife (if he has one) should be offended.

then, jeannie and i (and our friend mindi) just got back from in her shoes, admitadly a chick-flick. it’s the one with cameron diaz and shirley maclaine. cried three times. absolutely wonderful story of three very different people “growing up” (shows, in a great way, that we can still all change and grow, no matter what our past or how old we are).

5 thoughts on “two movie day”

  1. Now, my only questions are as follows:
    How does it compare with “The nightmare Before Christmas”?
    Do you remember me? Blast from the past eh?

  2. Funny thing, Burton is married to the Corpse Bride. He’s married to HELENA BONHAM CARTER (the voice of the Corpse Bride). That’s why she’s in all his movies.

  3. I saw it last week as well. Didn’t quite like it as much as “Nightmare,” but hat could more the mood I was in. LOVED “In Her Shoes,” the book and the movie looks like it lives up to the novel!

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