u.s. pizza styles

pizza nation.pngsure, it’s a bit cliche to think that youth workers all eat pizza. but, well, pizza and youth ministry do have some pretty strong connections.

so, here, as a service to you, the youth worker, is a helpful fairly exhaustive list of the various regional styles of pizza found in this country.

included on this list are:


New York–Neapolitan

New York–Style


New Haven–Style

Grilled Pizza

Bar Pizza

Trenton Tomato Pies

Old Forge–Style


Deep Dish

Stuffed Pizza

Chicago Thin Crust


Saint Louis–Style


Ohio Valley–Style

New England Greek–Style

Washington D.C. Jumbo Slice

4 thoughts on “u.s. pizza styles”

  1. Dude, you’re on a diet! You’re just torturing yourself with these kinds of blogs! (and me … I’m totally lusting for a stuffed pizza now …)

  2. (in a hypnotic voice) Marko, you are getting hungry, you want pizza, you want lots of it, you will eat a whole stuft pizza with extra sausage and cheese. You will drink lot’s of soda and snack on Doritos. When I snap my fingers you will remember nothing I say, but when you hear the word youth, you will crave pizza. (snap)

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