visualized social networks of the new testament

wow — nifty: web 2.0 overlay on the new testament! it’s the social networks of the new testament, created by crossway books, using ibm’s many eyes data-visualisation tool:

click on that image to go to the actual moveable java script, which is pretty fun to play with. in the words of andy on think christian, where i found this:

It maps out the textual connections between the people mentioned in the New Testament. You can move specific names around to see their relationship with each other. It’s harder to explain in words than it is to actually check it out and play with it, so go give it a try—click on a name and drag it around to see how it works. (Note: you’ll need to have Java installed to use the visualization.)

2 thoughts on “visualized social networks of the new testament”

  1. OK maybe I’m dense. Or I’m just too old and the synapses have calcified. It’s a great visual of the interconnectedness of the characters, and I can move the names around. But to what purpose? They just end up in a different place. Am I missing something?

  2. jay p — the purpose is to show the relational connections. when you move them around, it’s much easier to see where the lines connect.

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