wordies, prepare yourselves: this is the coolest thing you’ve seen in a while! dude! seriously — i’m going to play with this thing a LOT: it’s visuwords, a pliable, relational, visual dictionary. put a word in, hit return, and watch the thing spring to organic life. mouse over bubbles to see the specific definition pop up. drag ’em around if you want to watch the elasticity. but things really get interersting when you begin to double-click on some of the connected words. wow. i used “youth”, and started clicking, and felt like i had some kind of viral book springing to life in an digital petri dish. ooh — so freakin’ cool.

have fun; but don’t say i didn’t warn ya!


7 thoughts on “visuwords”

  1. try typing in “jesus”. There’s some theology in there. Nicely ordered nucleus looking thing.

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