vote on myspace to impact slavery

got this email from zach hunter, the 15 year-old author of be the change. spread the word.

Hey friends,
Zach here …. I need your help. Loose Change to Loosen Chains has been selected as one of the top three social justice campaigns on Myspace. Voting began today. If LC2LC is selected, the campaign will be featured on the home page of Myspace for a week and on the social impact page for a month. Can you help me? If you have a personal, organization or product MySpace page, could you send out a note to all of your friends and ask them to vote for LC2LC? I think the key is that this is student led and that it is going to take all of us to end the trade in humans.

You can vote here:

Thanks for everything!!


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  1. Hey Marko! Thanks for doing this. Also, they told me people can actually vote once a day. I appreciate you all! I got to speak to about 400 students today in the mountains of Georgia. These students are doing some incredible things to serve God by serving the poor. Z

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