way-fun youth ministry promo video idea

james cotten, a youth worker at “FBC in copperas grove” (don’t know where that is), sent me this great promo video idea. it’s a website that allows you to use campy tv footage from idea and add your own text as a fake translation. they made two videos and got permission to show them consecutive weeks in ‘big church’ to recruit a teacher for their middle school guys sunday school class.

video #1

video #2

would be fun for use in promoting anything in your youth ministry, or even as a wacky teaching point.

4 thoughts on “way-fun youth ministry promo video idea”

  1. Those are great! Does anyone know how to save the movie so that it could be called from Media Shout?

  2. FBC, Copperas Cove is in Central Texas… about an hour north of Austin (can’t wait for YS this year). We’re located directly on the western edge of Ft. Hood (world’s largest miltary base).

    Regarding saving it? I’m not sure if you can do that or not… maybe you can contact the people at Bombay TV… We have the internet in our sanctuary so that’s how we did it… but if you have media shout you can do the same thing with any movie that you can save from… We didn’t figure this out until just this week. But you can change the language on a movie to French or Spanish and just start it at that scene then you put in your subtitles in English of course… it’s easy if you know how to use MediaShout pretty well.

    I’m making all kinds of junk…

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