we are in a black hole of time today

if you’re reading this on wednesday, march 28 (the day i set it to post), my family is in a black hole of time. we left los angeles at 9:30pm last night (tuesday), and, after a 12 hour flight, will arrive in auckland, new zealand, at 5:30am on thursday. this is because we cross the international date line, backward. so wednesday ceases to exist for us.

i know people fly across the dateline by the thousands every single day. and i have done so many times in the past. but this “almost time travel” always strikes me as interesting: that me and my family will completely not experience, nor never recover, wednesday, march 28.

of course, our flight home has us flying 12 hours, and landing before we left. so that’s another mind-bender.

enjoy wednesday a little extra for us, since we have no option of interacting with it positively or negatively!

6 thoughts on “we are in a black hole of time today”

  1. so…
    a) are you a an extra day older then?
    b) does your cellphone explode?
    c) is it like y2k all over again in the planes?

  2. What brings you to the not so sunny shores of New Zealand? I am a local in Auckland. If it is for a holiday, then I hope the weather improves for you.

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