8 thoughts on “weird and amazing houses”

  1. Being in the Chattanooga area, I have driven by the Space ship house that is on the list many times. I too love strange architecture.

  2. poland. adam, you might be new to the internets, but those red words are links, which means you can click on them and “hyperlink” (crazy!) through to another website! usually, you’ll find the answer you’re asking for (you certainly would have in this case) there.

  3. Don’t be too hard on him. Adam is not the type to catch on to any of these new-fangled ideas. Pretty sure he doesn’t even own a computer.

  4. Dear Marko,

    I am currently putting together a powerpoint display (possible audio book) of my story The Heart Shaped Tree. I would like your permission to use your crooked-house-poland.jpg image as one of the many images to help turn my story into an ebook. Each image will be used for up to 5 seconds, and I will be happy to include a link to your page in the credits. My apologies, but I am in no position to offer remuneration, so rely on your heart. To listen to my story, please go to: http://maxtell.ca/d6/content/hst-rehearsal-tape.

    I hope that you find it in your heart to become part of this project by allowing me to use your photo.


    Max Tell

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