welcome to middle school

my daughter — 6th grade, 12 years old — had a friend suspended from school this week for the rest of the year. she (the friend, NOT my daughter!) was bringing vodka to school in plastic water bottles every day. my youth ministry life and my family life are colliding…

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  1. Just wait my friend. I now have a 15 and a 17 year old both in my senior high group.

    ALSO: I was informed by a 14 year old student that “Vodka is the new gatorade.”

  2. That happened when I was in middle school too.

    You’ve been in youth work for so long, but you’ll be seeing it from a whole different perspective now, I think. It’s a neat opportunity.

  3. Yeah, I knew of people while I was in middle and high school who would bring vodka mixed with orange juice all the time.

  4. and then of course I went to one of the most well respected middle schools and high schools in the area, so I don’t know how my last comment was helpful. It is crazy how common alcohol is among those in high school and starting to become more common in middle school.

  5. yep Marko I know what you mean about the family life / ministry life “collision”. My 15 year old daughter is now in the high school ministry I shepherd. She’s pretty cute too…The biggest bummer is I KNOW the boys in the group and when I look back into the bus on a trip and see one of THEM , ( Lord, they have become “them”) sitting next to her I get …less sleepy… more alert. :) I NEED the Vodka. –

  6. I teach in a middle school. This is more common than you think. Students are searching for something every day. Even the ones that are a part of your student ministries are searching. Please continue to lead by example and not be afraid to live your life in front of your students. They need adults in their lives that will show them what they are supposed to be doing.

  7. ya know, after 25 years of working with middle school kids, i’m not surprised ONE BIT by the girl’s action. the NEW experience for me is hearing about it through my daughter, about one of her friends. :o)

  8. When I was in middle school alot of kids would buy those mini mouthwash bottles, empty them out, fill them with vodka and dye it green. Folks still do that – big surprise – in high school now. Especially if they want to smuggle achohol into a prom where they know they’ll be searched. Alchohol is a WHOLE lot more prevalent than most adults think, or so I believe. Out of my main group of friends who I’ve grown up with since kindergarten, only 2 out of 12 of us HS Juniors (that would be myself and another friend) have never drank/been drunk. And they/we are considered the group of good Christian kids that “everyone likes”. I think most kids just don’t see what a big deal it is. It’s terrible. . .

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