well, i suppose this is a step in the right direction

recently, i posted about the startling fact (now, apparently, well documented by several studies — though i have not personally seen them) that today’s middle school students are the first since processed white bread (well, the first in a long time, if ever) to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. so it’s nice to know the british government is taking a stand on school lunches, by officially banning the following items from being in “meat”. ick.

Brains, lungs, rectum, stomach, feet, esophagus, spinal cord, testicles, large intestine, small intestine, spleen and udder.

rectum? was that ever in school lunch meat? really?

7 thoughts on “well, i suppose this is a step in the right direction”

  1. MMMMMMM… HOT DOGS! GET YOUR HOT DOGS! Nothing better than “Mechanically seperated beef, chicken, and pork.” Seriously… Take a trip to Albert Lee, MN and see the wonders that is the hot dog industry. You’ll never eat one again. I however am aware of these evils, but I’m a sucker for brown mustard and onions…

  2. What’s funny is that a lot of those items are included in my two favorite food categories: Southern Food and “Dude, I dare you to eat this”…

  3. Wow. That’s disgusting. But it is becoming a real issue; the obesity rates in kids has tripled over the last 20 years, and it keeps increasing. I’m actually busting my butt trying to get back in shape so I can set a better example for the teens in my region in this area. It’s startling to hear kids talk about what they are actually calling lunch or breakfast at their schools … if they even bother eating – a lot of the kids here snack on some chips to get through the day until they can run across the street to the pizza place when school gets out.

  4. woo hoo jamie oliver – he has been so amazing pushing this through. at his own expense he has worked so hard to get the lunch ladies trained and the kids educated. they documented the whole process and it was amazing to watch.

  5. I’m glad it’s just the British government banning those foods and not the US. No rectum means no salisbury steak!

  6. Ok, seriously, no wonder why school lunches always tasted like crap.

    ;) I couldn’t hold back. Sorry.

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