we’ve never met, but i know your cars

last night i went to a pub with jonny parks, a great irish worship leader (who’s going to be at all three youth worker conventions this fall). we’d never met, but have a bunch of mutual friends. We’re talking about one of the times he was in san diego some time ago, and doug pagitt took him on his first-ever ride in a convertible – IN MY CAR. when i mentioned that i don’t have that car anymore, he said, “oh, yeah, i’ve been in your new mini cooper too – mark dowds picked me up at the airport in it a couple months ago.”

apparently my cars get out and meet more people than i do.

4 thoughts on “we’ve never met, but i know your cars”

  1. i can see it now: you in the utilikilt as the new spokesman for mini’s… and the tagline as you zip off into the sunset…’freakin go-kart on steriods’…the image is just giving me a little giggle..

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