what? a new ‘best of’ album from DC*B? (and how to win an autographed copy)

something significant changed in the world of christian music the day the David Crowder Band released their first album. i’m not even completely sure how to describe that change. but i’ll try with this: the line between “worship music” and “totally fantastic music i want to listen to all the time” was suddenly blurred.

in fact, i remember very clearly the first time i heard the band live. it was at the NYWC in… actually, i have no idea what year. it was a long time ago. hardly anyone had heard of them. but we were experimenting with a musical style shift at the NYWC after many years with the same worship leader at every convention. and that year we discovered we were going to have to turn away about 1000 people from the san diego location — unless we came up with something very creative. the solution was to run two main sessions concurrently. the main ballroom (set for something like 2500 people, with a massive stage and all the technology would expect) had the older, “contemporary” worship leader. then there was this funky “overflow” stage in a much smaller ballroom. people who registered later, once we expanded the size limit on the event, “had” to attend the main sessions in that ballroom. the speaker’s talk was going to be on a big screen (hey! we were a video venue church before it was such a stupid fad!), but the band was going to be live in both locations.

uh, we had a problem.

during the music parts, the big/main ballroom was empty-ish; and the smaller/ancillary ballroom was pack to overflowing with youth workers who were ignoring our silly little differently-colored armbands or whatever was supposed to designate their assigned space (what? youth workers ignoring the rules?).

somewhere over the years, i got to become friends with david, jack, jeremy (bwack), hogan, and mike d. i even went on a tour with them once for a week or so. and now that they’re two bands, i’ve remained in contact with all of them.

but i’m still a fan.

to me, these songs represent something not many else have come close to approaching: songs i simply never tire of hearing or singing.


so, yeah, i was pretty stoked when i found out a new “best of” album was releasing (it actually releases today, and you can find it on tunes here). someone up the record distribution food chain was nice enough to give me access to listen to it online, starting a couple weeks ago. needless to say, if digital streams could get worn out grooves like vinyl back in the day, these tracks would already be trashed. the songs hold up. and they take me back. both. at the same time. as a bonus, there’s a couple new tracks, and a handful of fun remixes (i particularly got a kick out of the family force five remix of shadows).

ok, this is fun. david’s record peeps are allowing me to give away 5 autographed copies of the CD. here’s how we’re gonna do it: respond with a reasonably short comment about the first time you heard the band, or a funny story from a time you heard them live, or anything else that you think would make me choose you. in other words: convince me to pick you. and just writing “ooh, pick me” ain’t gonna do it. i’ll just give the CDs to my 7th grade guys small group if that’s the best i get!

this isn’t a race. so i’ll give you a couple days, and i’ll pick a winner on thursday or friday.


(oh! and one more thing! did you know that david crowder is one of the 18 presenters speaking at The Summit? yup: he’s not coming as a performer. he’s going to speak to us about “the process of creativity.”)


oops — an offsite retreat, a birthday party, and a holiday weekend caused a little delay in picking winners! sorry ’bout that. this was almost impossible, as almost all the responses were wonderful. but i had to pick five, and five that i really loved were from Darin Brown, Amy Mateer, Mark Seitz, Julie, and Eli Ruggles. i’ll contact you all via email to get your addresses. congrats!

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  1. So I first heard David Crowder because an ultra conservative Baptist friend of mine got the Lime CD for Christmas and HATED it. Said nothing about it was worshipful and that he’d stick to Michael W Smith…this alone was incentive for me to pop it in my cd player and PRESTO, all of a sudden I could stop pretending I was okay with the way to rehearsed sounding, only 3 chord knowing worship music circulating at the time. I think I appreciate DCB so much because I’ve never really enjoyed the mid 90’s contemporary funk we can’t seem to get out of, and have always better enjoyed old school liturgical stuff. DCB is the reason so many people are re-mixing O for a Thousand Tongues and Be Thou My Vision…he made “Vintage” worship a thing. And for that I am grateful.

  2. It was around the beginning of 2000 I heard them at a YFC conference called DCLA. I was there as a young 21 year old youth pastor with a group of my church kids. We (husband and I) were immediately hooked and came home with their All I Can Say album in our hands. Were you at the House of Blues (san diego) during their final tour when they gave credit to you and Tic Long for (YS) giving them their start through the NYWC? I’ve loved their music since their beginning and have bought every album on release date or got up at midnight to download on itunes the moment it went live.

  3. I first heard David Crowder Band at a high school winter camp at Forest Home. I asked him what it was like to be a full time worship leader in a band and he said, “Yea…” that’s all… “Yea…”. He took a deep breathe and then said, “I’m more of a full time follower of Jesus.” I immediately knew this guy was not about the show… him and the band were about leading the churches people into a new worship music era. Thanks DCB.

  4. I met the guys in the band several years ago, when I was working for the Christian radio station in town (which is now a KLove affiliate; it may have been a Fish station before, but it was locally programmed and it was ours); I’m pretty sure it was on Michael W. Smith’s One Nation tour. (Side note: they played at Alpine Valley, a great outdoor venue which is known for concerts that attract a lot of drunks and druggies; we got calls from people who were THRILLED that we were bringing the show there). At the time, they were still pretty new, and they opened the show with a short set. I think that’s when I got hooked on their music. That was also the concert that someone thought I was Bart Millard from MercyMe (which was also part of the tour). Admittedly, we’re both big guys, and we both wore Hawaiian shirts that night.

    I can’t forget the first time I ever heard How He Loves. I don’t remember exactly when or where, but I remember that song stopping me in my tracks. Still can’t get over the message of that song. So amazing.

  5. I was interviewing with a church, or was supposed to, when there was a local David Crowder concert. The church was several states away, and as part of the interview they wanted me to attend the concert. Even though I knew I would not accept the position if offered it, I almost went to the interview for the concert. I had justified it in my mind as “let me see if they can change my mind about the position”. I didn’t end up going.

  6. One of my favorite Crowder concerts was at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. One of my youth really wanted to go and me to take him. The problem was it was on the day we were coming back from a weeklong mission trip to Mississippi. This youth didn’t care (of course he didn’t have to drive all the way from Mississippi). I agreed to take him and we made it home in time to get to the concert with an hour to spare. The concert was outstanding! We were in the balcony of the church and everyone was jumping and you could feel the balcony moving and Crowder had to tell us to stop so it wouldn’t fall down. I was really tired but it was well worth it!

  7. Definitely NOT the first time I heard the boys do their thang, but in one of the times in my life when I was wrestling with my call and how I was supposed to be spending my time and energy, DC*B was in Pgh for the NYWC. I took my team and my youth pastor buddies from State College, made a beeline for the front of the stage, and sang my dang guts out, tears streaming down my face unashamedly. It was one of the most memorable, tangible thin places that I’ve ever experienced. Just writing this takes me back there. I can almost feel the pain in my right elbow, which slammed into a stage monitor during one of them jumpy songs!

    I miss being that youth pastor…

  8. My (old) intern and I saw David at NYWC in LA in 2009 (? I think). He walked up to David after his set and just said, “Hey man… can I touch your beard?”. David sized him for for about .002 seconds before thrusting his chin out and saying, “Soak it in bro, soak it in.”
    It was awesome. I’ve been a fan ever since.

  9. first – San Diego 98 or 99 NYWC (might be the one you’re talking about but I think it’s probably the second SD after that one since I think I remembering y’all already knowing them)…wasn’t sure about the funny looking scarecrow/goat guy with the hillbilly sound. It was my first NYWC, I had my wife and our first son and I didn’t realize I was bumping into my new favorite band (as well as Lost and Found, CPR (improv), LaRue and I think Souljahz too)

    best – Anaheim convention…family had to stay at home for this one, it had been a wearingl time in life and ministry and I was on sabbatical…one of our youth staff had passed away, a former intern and his wife who had lived with us for a while had lost their infant boy and my wife and I werer coming to grips with the diagnosis of our oldest with this pretty new thing known as Asperger’s Syndrome…I settled into the convention center trying to hide from 1000s of very outgoing personalities and ready for my band and a great worship time and the tears started flowing the minute somebody, pretty sure it was Crowder, played Blessed Be Your Name which had been a part of both memorial services…all I could think was “cameraman, don’t you dare put me on screens, I just might punch you” and tried to get lost in the words and the greatness of God. Then they got to the rock opera You Are My Joy…best concert moment I’ve ever experienced and so cool that it was worship…nothing like 1000s of youth pastors crying out to God that He (not all the awesome trappings of youth ministry, not Disneyland across the street, not anything else) is our joy…the sprinkles on the icing of the cake were friends this guy named Marko joking about NYWC and DCB having become like peanut butter and jelly and DC immediately asking if they were the peanut butter or the jelly; the mirrors used during worship for an object lesson were pretty cool too, especially as they reflected on the ceiling during worship while people wrote on them…yeah, it was a pretty significant time and moment in my life and ministry and having DCB as the soundtrack for it, especially since it was the A Collision album dealing with death, was fitting

    and I loved, that they always left the conference to go lead worship at their church
    never liked getting less of them leading worship but always liked that they were connected in ministry

  10. We already had tickets to a DC*B show in Cincinnati, Ohio when our youngest daughter was born. Like any good nerd parent, I created a twitter account for Lilly shortly after she was born. At just barely 8 weeks, she was too young to leave with a sitter – and neither of us were willing to give up our ticket to someone else – so we just took her to the concert with us!

    During the show I tweeted from her account “I’m 8 weeks old and at my first concert! Hi @crowderband!!”

    Then Mark (who was apparently looking at his twitter during the show) called her out from the stage! So I tweeted for her “@crowderband thanks for the shoutout! I’m so excited I just spit-up on my Mom!”

    After the show we met the whole gang, and Mark, Jack, Bwack, and Hogan all held her so we could take pictures! Lilly is three now, and hasn’t been to a Crowder show since that one, but she’s a pretty big fan.

  11. I am such a David Crowder fan that it spilled over into my daughter to the point that she was wanting to go to all of Crowders shows in the area. One of the last times we saw him together was in Fort Wayne, IN. We even bought special passes to be able to “meet and greet” with the band. This was on my daughter’s birthday,and the band sang happy birthday to her. When we remember times together this is a highlight. A :Best of” album will continue that memory for many years!

  12. I remember the YS National Pastors Convention and Emergent Conference happening in Nashville. The separate general sessions happened concurrently. I recall being upstairs in the NPC session, there was a gifted local worship leader and team leading worship and doing a great job. They were playing the newest worship hits of the day. (2001?Maybe). I headed downstairs to the Emergent general session where DC*B was leading. I walked into what seemed like the parking garage, there were RV’s and lawn chairs. And Dave was leading the group in an amazing medley of classic hymns, redone in the way only DC*B and God’s passion for music could bring together. It was one of the most passionate worship moments i can remember.

  13. I was at Cornerstone Music Festival with some friends who came only for DCB. We were at top of hill looking down natural amphitheater for a spot to stand for a good view when this guy asked us what we were looking for. “Just a good spot”. He said follow me. We did and he took us backstage and we ended up standing on the stage. Found out he was head of security for the festival and did stuff like this for all the artists on main stage. No that was an awesome concert!

  14. I first heard DCB at Passion: One Day in 2003. I thought they were trying to look cool with all the extra “stuff” on stage. Then they started playing… We worshiped with them under the stars in the middle of a big Texas field. Amazing. And we got to cheer for the name we all wanted for O Praise Him (All This For a King). I wanted “All This for a King”. I remember when it ended up being in parentheses I was disappointed that I hadn’t “won.” So let’s right the wrong, Marko. Let me win “All This for a King”. It’s been 10 years in the making.

  15. I first heard Dave Crowder in 2000 when I brought a team of Youth Pastors over to America from New Zealand. Loved them from the beginning. We as a team even had a Rocket launcher battle with the band during one of the main sessions (naughty I know) in the foyer. Fun Fun.
    I know you (Marko) are coming to New Zealand soon and so if I win you can hand deliver the CD in some sort of ceremony!!

  16. I was one of those youth workers that “had” to be in the overflow room that NYWC in San Diego. I had no idea who DC*B was but I loved every minute of worship with them. I think the last session we were all brought into the main room and the older “contemporary” worship band led. My comment card read something like “get rid of the old people, bring back the other band.” Actually, it may have been harsher than that. Anytime DC*B wasn’t at the NYWC that I was at, I’m afraid my comments on the worship leaders weren’t that wonderful. To me Youth Ministry and DC*B go hand in hand!

  17. WINNERS!

    oops — an offsite retreat, a birthday party, and a holiday weekend caused a little delay in picking winners! sorry ’bout that. this was almost impossible, as almost all the responses were wonderful. but i had to pick five, and five that i really loved were from Darin Brown, Amy Mateer, Mark Seitz, Julie, and Eli Ruggles. i’ll contact you all via email to get your addresses. congrats!

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