what i’d say to the martians

jackhandyWhat I’d Say to the Martians: And Other Veiled Threats, by Jack Handey

i’ve been a fan of jack handey’s “deep thoughts” since way back in the day when they were on SNL. i subsequently bought all the books, and laughed out loud reading them, annoying everyone in my life at the time by repeating some of the choicest ones.

this new book of handey’s is in the same vein: twisted, and horribly funny. it’s a collection of humorous essays, really — just short pieces that are wildly random and weird. the book title is one of those: a “speech” given to a group of aliens from a captive’s cell, with crazy passive-aggressive payback language. seriously, handey must be somewhere between lunacy and brilliance to come up with stuff.

there are also short sections of his favorite “deep thoughts”, as well as some sketch scripts he wrote for SNL (like, original “toonces” scripts). it’s all good fun, and put many, many smiles on my face (and a good many reverberating laughs into whatever space i was occupying at the moment).

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