what marko needs

saw this funny, self-centered, googly idea over at claudia’s blog. go to google and write your name and the word ‘needs’, in quotes — as in “marko needs”. notice the first 10 sensical sentences that come up. here’s what i got:

    1. Marko needs a favor
    2. Marko needs to chat
    3. Marko needs our help
    4. Marko needs to trust
    5. Marko needs someone, especially someone who speaks French and who knows her way around
    6. Marko needs to pass a test
    7. Marko needs to take off his pants
    8. Marko needs you to volunteer to playtest this scenario
    9. Marko needs 57 balloons for his act
    10. Marko needs at least 709 votes to jump over this weird guy

20 thoughts on “what marko needs”

  1. 1. Erik needs to be convinced to buy a scanner.
    2. Erik needs a beautiful figure to
    identify music with and he finds Christine.
    3. Erik needs to work (this is true)
    4. Erik needs to jump across the electrical field, climb up the ladder and go
    5. Erik needs love and offers her the most precious gift, MUSIC.
    6. Erik needs an heir in order to receive aid in regaining his title, lands and …
    7. Every now and then, Erik needs a break from people. So he ties flies and …
    8. Given the way Erik needs to work, will this be helpful and relevant? (very thoughtful)
    9. Erik needs to worry about his own driving.
    10. Erik needs his family close to him even more to reassure him.

  2. #1 What type of favor?
    #5 My wife works in French school. Plenty of French ladies speakers there including fluent 3rd graders.
    #9 Dollar General
    #10 My vote is cast now you only need 708

  3. Brian Needs:
    1. More tartar sauce on McDonald’s filet-o-fish.
    2. Bigger tonsils.
    3. Reusable ticket stub.
    4. Al’s liquor home delivery.
    5. My own personal interstate.
    6. Be able to boogie.
    7. Squeezeable salt containers.
    8. A remote for the toilet paper dispenser.
    9. A2 sauce (improved!).
    10. Memories splashed across the pages just like wine.

  4. 1. Adam needs help!
    2. Adam needs a printer…
    3. Adam needs serious help before he snaps!
    4. Adam needs to find out if there is a reason that he is drinking…
    5. Adam needs to either stop drinking altogether or limit the amount that he drinks.
    6. Adam needs a sidekick.
    7. Adam needs an audience again.
    8. Adam needs very firm rules, expectations, limits and consequences.
    9. Adam needs to be woken gently at 7:35am.
    10. Adam needs an Eve.
    11. Adam needs to eat his carrots.
    12. Adam needs extensive counseling for this anger, frustration and depression.
    13. Adam needs a lot more help than all of us combined could ever give him!
    14. Adam needs a partner.
    15. Adam needs to become less robotic and more creative in his play…

  5. 1. Bethany needs to read this
    2. Bethany needs a school bus
    3. Bethany needs somebody who can spare just 1/2 a day a week
    4. Bethany needs prayer for many areas
    5. Bethany needs general office help
    6. Bethany needs your help
    7. Bethany needs to send the information to other places
    8. Bethany needs help today
    9. Bethany needs to hack her hair & lose a little more weight (okay, this one is SO true…freaky!)
    10. Well there wasn’t enough that Bethany needs because the previous nine needs were repeated several times so I guess there are only 9 needs for Bethany on the web.

  6. Abby needs your help
    Abby needs a very special home because she is a very special dog.
    Abby needs to have a very expensive surgery
    Abby is full of energy and needs a fenced-in yard where she can run for fun
    Abby needs to go into a home where she is permitted on the furniture
    Abby needs to finish her math
    The last thing Abby needs, therefore, is to be attracted to Kipp
    Abby needs more
    Abby needs to get back on the horse
    Abby needs $49.27 to buy new roller blades
    Abby needs a hug, or different medications, or maybe both
    Abby needs a husband
    Abby needs to stand out

    wow! who knew!

  7. Kelli needs
    1. donations to help pay for costly cancer treatment
    2. help
    3. to join a gutesy (sp?) real band
    4. to speak to the groveling
    5. nookie (for real, that’s what it says!)
    6. all our prayers and support (especially if #5 is true… considering the unmarried state I am in!)
    7. minor healing from surgery
    8. a good critique
    9. folks to put their heads together and maybe volunteer a little of their time by doing any number of things
    10. a family that is patient

    (#13 is “Kelli needs him”– again very necessary before requesting #5.)

  8. ha!
    Leslie needs to be dealt with
    Leslie needs only to win the Twin Cities Marathon
    Leslie needs to take another look
    Leslie needs people like you to do some meaningful work
    Leslie needs to poke Thomas
    Leslie needs a new pair of shoes
    Leslie needs to complete thirty credit hours
    Leslie needs someone to be coordinating volunteers
    leslie needs another hobby
    Leslie needs to hang in there

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