what matters most

i read a draft of doug field’s next book this weekend. it’s called (at this point) ‘what matters most’, and is a re-written version of the talk he gave at all three national youth workers conventions this past fall. killer stuff. it’s all about saying ‘no’ in ministry, when so many voices (our churches, our bosses, our calendars, teenagers, parents, our own inner needs for ‘success’ and accomplishment) all beg and plead for us to say ‘yes’ to too many things. i thought this talk (when doug gave it) was the best thing i’d ever heard from him. but that might have been because it hit so close to home for me. sorry, i should know when the book releases, but i don’t. just watch for it.

5 thoughts on “what matters most”

  1. I have to admit, I bought the cd after the talk and have listened to it a couple times since then to remind myself of what all he said. He was dead on. I wish I could get advance copies of stuff! : ) I look forward to reading it!

  2. heard the talk, loved it… and it also hit home… i think that it should hit home for about 95% of all youth workers! (giving that 5% of us actually put into practice what Doug said!)

    i’ll be getting it hot off the press!

  3. I couldn’t believe the evals. in Sacto that said Doug was “angry” and/or “bitter.” I got that CD at the end and listened to it as I drove home. I thought he was dead on.

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