what the…?

i can’t really give this the jesus junk of the month award. really, i’m left scratching my head and mumbling: really? is that real? are you sure it’s not a fake site? but to the best of my little armchair web-journalistic digging capabilities, i think — can it be? — that this is a genuinely real website.

and it is…

the christian domestic discipline store: Loving wife spanking in a Christian Marriage

please — i WANT to be wrong about the veracity of this site.

here’s an excerpt from one of the books they sell, written by the site owner:

In today’s society where any physical discipline is severely frowned upon, it is important that even a Christian Domestic Discipline relationship be consensual; however, it is interesting to note that Biblically, a man’s right to chastise and discipline his wife is strongly implied. Just as a parent would never stop to ask permission to chastise his child, a husband should not have to obtain consent to discipline his wife; however, our legal system has put him in the position of having to do so. Just as our culture is turned upside down in so many other things, the traditional Christian marriage is no exception.

(ht to seth)

18 thoughts on “what the…?”

  1. Even more disturbing on that site…

    The crotchless pantaloons. These split-crotch pantaloons will keep you cool and comfortable while making your husband very happy.

    What the heck?!!

  2. First of all, this has to be fake. The pantaloons give it away. Plus, the romance books.

    Secondly, how do you find this stuff?

  3. OMG! I don’t know whether to laugh or sit in stunned silence. Every other response isn’t fit for polite company.

    Now, do I dare show the wife this site? LOL!

  4. um… I… um… what the…??? I think this is real. What’s really disturbing is the number of books written by women on spanking.

    There is soooo many things wrong with this site…


  5. What kind of backwards, twilght zone, southern, inbred form of Christianity is this? Are these the same folks that stand outside soldier’s funerals holding signs that say, “GOD HATES FAGS”?

    I hope it’s not real, but I think it probably is.

  6. Ben,
    southern? watch it!
    I think Roberto has it right and that kind of stuff doesn’t ever happen down here…
    it’s the north east that do this kind of thing :-)

  7. Thanks Marko,

    I am hosting my best friends bachlour party in three weeks. These books would be the perfect gag gift.

    If they are a joke, the satire is dead on … if serious … wow.

  8. I have to be honest that when I found this site it spoke to me, spoke to my heart, and spoke to my marriage. just what I/we needed. This will take us to the next level! I just needed to share it with the world and what better way than marko? What the…did i just write that stuff out loud?

    Everyone’s take is right…crazy, dark satire or just plain sad,whack wow. nate, if you really do order for the bach party – you gotta let us know if it’s legit.

    ps – I wonder if my paypal account still works?

  9. Oh, and my wife says that there is something wrong about the “Delicate Lady Crotchless Pantaloons”. She says that you can’t use “Delicate Lady” and “Crotchless Pantaloons” in the same sentence like that.

    She has an incredible grasp of the obvious. I think I’ll get her a pair! :)

  10. i’d like to agree with all the folks who think it’s a prank site. but it sure looks real. real or not, it’s pretty, um, wrong… lol

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